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Are You Tired of Throwing Money Away Each Month on High Utility Bills? Have you thought of Going Solar, but Don’t Know Where To Start? You Have Come to the Right Place.

In just six minutes, we will show you how to put up to $26k in your pocket, while adding up to $50K to the value of your home, just by going solar! The only question you will have is, Where do I sign?

Solar Defined

Why Should I Go Solar?

Power My Home Today, through our relationship with Powur, PBC offer turn key solar solutions for a home owner.


Solar can save you money. Traditional energy costs have gone up over 500% since 1971, and that trend is likely to continue. On the other hand, the cost of solar has dropped more than 250% in the last two decades. Almost 80% of U.S. homeowners can now jump on board with solar for no money down, while paying less per month than they currently spend for electricity.


Going solar is easy. You simply have a new, cheaper energy bill each month.


Solar is the cleanest, most abundant energy choice available. The current source for the majority of electricity is coal, a fossil fuel that gets more expensive every year and harms our planet. Coal and gas-fired power plants emit more than 2.3 billion metric tons per year of carbon pollution, approximately 40% of total U.S. energy-related carbon pollution. On the flip side, the sun’s rays are free and limitless and the technology to harness solar power keeps getting more efficient and less expensive. Most important, solar is clean energy… so when you go solar, you’ll be eliminating your home’s carbon dioxide footprint and helping to create a sustainable future for life on this planet. Click the button below to get a general idea of savings for your home.

Net Metering Explained

Net metering is the policy that really enables your solar to work for you. In most US states, there is a policy that says for every kilowatt hour that you put into the grid, you will receive a credit for that kilowatt hour. So if your solar system produces 10 kilowatt hours of energy, and it puts those 10 kilowatt hours into the grid, that's 10 kilowatt hours you get back. That's what net metering is.

This is really important because your solar system produces energy during the daytime, but you use energy during the nighttime as well. How it works is that during the daytime, you put a lot of energy into the grid, and it goes “on account” to be used later when you are not producing electricity. So you're banking all those credits. Then at night, you pull that energy off the grid, and you use all the credits you accumulated.

That's net metering. It's an amazing policy. One that we all as consumers and advocates for clean energy have to continue to fight for. It has enabled solar to develop so much and, in effect, gives you the ability to use the grid as your own battery, reducing the cost of electricity for you and your family.

Does Solar Add Value?

Recent studies by Dept. of Energy, HUD and Study by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory show that a solar system can add tens of thousands of dollars in value to your home. 

It is well-documented that solar increases the value of your home. The reason for this is that it's a home investment that actually produces income. A solar system sits on your roof and generates electricity, and there is a value for each kilowatt of electricity your system produces.

In fact, each KW you produce is a KW that you don’t have to purchase from your electric company. Plus the future value of all of those savings is valuable to the next buyer of your home.

Another amazing reason to go solar today - get the economic benefits today, and get more for the sale of your home tomorrow.



Powur My Home Today is an authorized consultant and mentor of Powur, PBC, whom provided the first direct sales platform for solar energy linking the home owner to the nations top service installers and products. 

Since those beginnings, Powur now provides solar service coverage in 39 states and 3 different countries.

Through our affiliation with Powur we can work with over 100+ solar installers and over 10 world class financing institutions to provide unmatched value, service, and products to you the customer looking to save money on energy costs, and to do the right thing by switching to solar power.

Our team of certified Advisors help homeowners find the BEST possible price, product, and service from the nations top solar system providers. Are you ready to make the switch to go solar?


 Your solution to low cost, clean, reliable energy your family    can depend on...Financially Secure: Investor backed and Member owned.​

  • Experienced: Over 5,000 successful installations.

  • Doing Well By Doing Good: Fully certified B-Corp.

  • Validation: Inc. #61 Inc 1000 Fastest Growing Company in America.

  • Impact Focused: Money from every installation goes to preserving millions of acres of the Amazon rainforest.

  • Record Breaking: First solar company to offset 100% of the emissions from the solar manufacturing process.



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